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Saving your digital life!

What is your digital life?

What is your digital life?

It's everything that's important to you. A parent's baby pictures. A company's financial records. A student's research paper. All of these things that we keep on our computers and rely on in our daily lives.
Most of us don't protect those things enough, and only consider the loss after something goes wrong. Modern computers have safeguards against data loss, but they can't protect from hardware failures, disasters like fire or flood, or malicious programs like ransomware.
The only certain protection for your precious data is a backup.
Fortunately there are a huge variety of good backup solutions available, and we specialize in finding a backup that fits anyone's needs and budget. From nightly encrypted offsite image backups that can get an office's server back up and running in hours after a disaster to showing someone how to copy their documents onto a flash drive to stick in a safe deposit box, we've run the entire gamut.
The one constant is that any backup is better than no backup! People who can't afford fancier and more robust backup solutions can still copy their files into a cheap storage device, and should. You never know when that might save you from a total loss.

Services for small offices!

Let us help you.

Small businesses and non-profits can't afford to pay $40,000 for a dedicated IT worker, and definitely not the $70,000+ for a CTO! Most wind up making do without the necessary expertise to make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure and just hope that nothing will go wrong.
There is a better way.
We have the expertise of lifelong IT specialists, available to any small office at low monthly rates, bundled with the software services necessary to keep an office running smoothly. Our aim is to minimize an office's IT expenses and keep any unavoidable expenses on a predictable and manageable level.

Services for home users!

You don't need to be a business for professional support.

We've been supporting home users in the RVA area since 2005, and we have the expertise to prove it. In addition to hourly services for repair of hardware, software, and virus problems, we've assembled a kit of products that no desktop computer should be without that we will install and configure for a fixed, low cost.

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