Get protection for your home computer!

We've been working with home users since 2005, and many of the problems that people bring their computers to us to resolve could have been avoided! The most common issues we see are hardware damage from a power flicker or surge, virus infections, and data loss from a hardware failure or ransomware viruses. With that in mind, we've assembled a kit of products that, along with a little know-how, will help to keep a home computer problem-free.

The kit consists of a battery backup to keep your computer going if the power goes out, an external hard drive for backing up your data, and one year of renewable, award-winning antivirus protection, and included with it is installation from a Microsoft Certified Professional, instruction in how to use it, and some extra security tweaks to help ensure your computer stays safe. This provides a multi-layered defense against losing the data important to you through accident or attack, even modern ransomware viruses! The battery backup protects the hardware, the security optimization and antivirus program protect the software, and an external backup adds an extra layer if all else fails. The parts and service together come for one cost of $279 if you come to our office, or we can deliver it and do the setup in your home for $25 more in the Richmond area.

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